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College & Career Expo

Sunday September 27th

College & Career Expo for Western Kentucky & Southwest Indiana Owensboro Convention Center 1-4PM   

Meet with local companies and job

recruiters seeking qualified candidates

Dress to impress.

No cost to students

Job fairs are a wonderful place for students and employers to make initial contact, but only if you invest the time to prepare properly. There is an “art” to getting a job through participation in job fairs. Here are a few tips:

Take the event seriously.
It is an interview. You are making that first impression. Only a small percentage will stand out at the end of the event. Make sure you're one of them! Dress for creditability, practice your best handshake, present your winning smile and give good eye contact. Let them know you are serious about this job.

Design the ideal resume.
It should be correct, concise, informative and visually appealing. Most major employers will scan your resume into an automated tracking system that can mean quicker retrieval for current or future interviews. Be sure your resume meets the strict criteria the technology can handle and read. Prepare a resume that will scan well.

Plan your strategies carefully.
Take time before the job fair to find out which companies will be represented and research their products or services. They will think you are inapt if you have not taken time to learn something about their company.

Have a game plan.
Focus on two or three companies you are truly interested in. It's important to do advance research so that you can make a intelligent comment about the company. When you engage a recruit in an intelligent dialogue you stand out. Prepare a two or three line script of yourself. You should try to impress recruiters within the first few minutes of conversation. Maintain good eye contact and offer a firm handshake and a few sentences telling them what they need to know about you. That's the formula that works.

Don't ask the recruiter personal questions.

When you give the recruiter your resume, ask what the next step in the process is.
Send a thank you note immediately.